Who is Fred?

Fred was born April 25th, 1979 in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada during the time his parents attended Prairie Bible Institute in Canada. God blessed Fred with a bright and sunny personality, ever always even to this day, creating smiles, laughter and encouragement. Fred is a leader and a role model. Above all he follows the guidance of Jesus Christ with all of his heart.

Just discovered you or someone you know has a brain tumor?

Fred needs your help

On January 25,2008,Fred underwent his third surgery for a reoccurring brain tumor in his left occipital lobe. This most recent surgery removed the whole left occipital lobe, and the prognosis for longevity appears positive if Fred follows up with further cancer therapy. Fred's type of tumor has been diagnosed as a malignant glioneuronal neoplasm, or high grade glial neoplasm. Fred was released from the hospital on the second day after his recent surgery. Important keys to his strong recovery and continued good health are a vegan diet with plenty of homemade veggie juice, sunshine, fresh air, a positive attitude, the love of his very dear wife, and his faith in God through Jesus Christ. He's glad to be home and he's excited about his future both on earth and eventually in heaven. The next round of Fred's treatment is an alternative therapy to the standard chemo and radiation which he already underwent last year. His next therapy treatment choice is to go to the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas. This treatment is not covered by medical insurance. Fred believes this treament for his brain tumor is the most promising for long term survival. The generalized difference in survival rates is 2% for chemical/radiation, and 65% for the Burzynski Clinic's alternative. Fred and his family are interested in gaining more information or comments from anyone who has undergone either standard and/or alternative treatments for the type of cancer Fred has.
Here is a short list of places to look up about Fred's choice of treatment.



Fred's sister, Audrey writes...

"...God doesn’t give a person more than they can handle. Fred says that his tumor has been a blessing. At first, the doctors told him he was going to die, and he said ‘only God decides that, and if it’s my time, than I’m luckier than most because I get to be with God sooner’. However, God had more for Fred to do here on earth, and Fred lives each day trying to give more of himself. He works harder than anyone I know to provide for his family, and to bring joy to people in his church and neighborhood.
It never fails, I’ll tell Fred about the great time I had last weekend, and then I’ll ask him what he did, and he’ll say something like ‘we painted a single mother’s home so she and her kids could be proud of their home.’ His joy comes from helping others, living his life for God, loving his wife."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

For Help Coping With A Brain Tumor

Here is a reference list for caregiving/caregivers of brain tumor victims and their families taken from the Brain Tumor Society's website:

American Brain Tumor Association, www.abta.org, 800.886.2282
Brain Tumor Caregivers Online Support Group, www.braintrust.org
Brain Tumor Society, www.tbts.org, 800.770.8287
National Brain Tumor Foundation, www.braintumor.org, 800.934.CURE (2873)
Family Caregiver Alliance, www.caregiver.org, 800.445.8106
Lotsa Helping Hands, www.bts.lotsahelpinghands.com
A free, online volunteer coordination service for friends, family, colleagues, and
neighbors to assist loved ones in need
National Family Caregivers Association, www.nfcacares.org, 800.896.3650

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fred is still recovering well...

Fred is a little over one week past his third brain surgery, and recovering well. Yesterday he had the staples removed from the surgery site. He gets pretty close to unbearable headaches if he doesn't keep on top of his pain medication, but his spirit is strong and he is looking forward to his upcoming treaments at the Burzynski Center. His vision is not the greatest. He still has disturbing bright spots floating and stars flashing in his vision, but he says over time he gets used to them just like always.
Fred is looking forward to returning to work as soon as he is able, because to him, that is fun and relaxation. He told someone recently, "Man, don't ever get cancer! Sitting around watching your mom and wife make cancer awareness bracelets is really boring." For sure, Fred would rather be out skiing a back country mountainside, or helping someone out with a construction project. But he's working on getting well for now, so he can help others do the same.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Garage Sale for a Worthy cause, Fred

Hi I am Fred's little sister Becki. I am really relying on the community this Week to raise some money to help cover the expenses for my Brother's treatment. Fred is always the first one to help me when it comes to any hardship in my life, he is always supportive in the things I do even when the support comes through as honesty and tough love. He is worth more to me than anything else.

I don't have a lot of money at this point in my life but I am driven to do my part and organize as many garage sales and other fundraisers to gain some serious cash to contribute to this amazing man and his worthy life.

Thanks to all those who have offered there support through thought, prayers, phone calls, emails, and donating time and things around there homes for the garage sale.

My brother is much more than an uncle to my kids, a brother and a friend to talk to but a guy who worth sticking around. I know God has a plan for him and he touches lives through this terrifying journey but he needs more time on this earth not because I'm selfish and love him but he has so much to live for, He is expecting a child this Summer with his darling wife Naomi and I just think what a great father he will be and how much love he has for this child already. I can't imagine what life would be like with out him.